Conferences are a safe space for youth to gather and celebrate Unitarian Universalism, ourselves, and our community, in an awesome weekend filled with spirituality, social action, and friends! Fill out the online registration form here if you would like to attend. The online registration form DOES NOT replace the physical check-in forms (registration information, medical release, covenant) that you bring with you to the con. Note that you cannot submit your registration form until it is 100% complete!

Please bring a completed, printed copy of the check-in forms and your registration fee.


The registration fee is $50. There IS an early and nUUbie discount! If you register before July 22nd, you will get the Early Bird discount of $5 off your registration fee (for a total of $45). If this if your first conference, you will receive the nUUbie discount of $10 off your registration (for a total of $40). If you register after July 30th, you'll be put on the waiting list with no guaranteed spot. If numbers allow, you'll be let in but will have to pay an additional $10 late fee for a $60 total reg payment.

Please bring your fees in the form of cash or check. Any checks should be made out to NCUUCC. Checks made out to YRUUP will not be accepted.

If you have any questions, contact Bianca Jussen, our registrar at, or council at


Scholarships are given on a need-basis to those who ask first. In no cases are you guaranteed a full scholarship; we take careful consideration of the number of con-goers and the expenses for each event. If you would like more information about our range of discounted scholarships or reimbursement for supplies or travel expenses, contact our treasurers Erek Leschyn and Slate Taylor (

To apply for a scholarship, fill out the request form here. This is an optional form and does not replace your online registration.